The application benefits of electric bike hub motor


Electric bike hub motor with a mature design and low price, is widely used by electric bicycles, but because the motor is integrated on the wheel, so the balance between the front and back of the electric bicycle is broken, so in the high-end sports electric bicycle more use of the medium motor. There are two types of hub motors: a gear hub motor and a gearless hub motor.

104CQ ebike spoke hub motor.jpg

The electric bike hub motor is limited to precision and material in the early days, and friction can be generated due to insufficient precision, resulting in noise and wear and other problems. With the development of industrial technology, most of the electric bike hub motors are now very well made, which we can not worry about. And when the electric bicycle is powered off or the battery is not powered, the clutch device designed internally by the gear hub motor makes the resistance of the vehicle taxiing or human stampede less than the resistance of the gearless hub motor under the same circumstances. So it is widely used by e-bike manufacturers.



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