Introduce what is middle drive motor


As one of the three major components of pure electric new energy vehicles, the drive motor is the core technology of new energy vehicles. With the goal of the power battery has moved toward 300WK/GK, a large number of excellent battery companies have emerged. But correspondingly, there is not too strong a company for driving motors.

Mid Ebike Motor.jpg

The middle drive motor is most similar to the traditional axle. When driving the wheel, it must pass through transition parts such as reducer and drive shaft. At present, most low-speed electric vehicles are basically such structures, mainly because such structures are the simplest and the cheapest. A problem with these low-speed electric vehicles is that the transmission is generally omitted. This brings up a problem, that is, the lack of low twist when starting or climbing; and then the disadvantages of relatively large volume and low transmission efficiency.

At present, the mainstream of the market is middle drive motor and traditional axle. This is because of its structural characteristics, the traditional axle can be matched with a little modification, so it can reduce very large research and development costs.



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