Advantages and disadvantages of ebike geared hub motor


The ebike geared hub motor with mature design and low price is widely used by electric vehicles, the motor is generally integrated in the wheel, after the electric motor will be converted into mechanical energy to drive the wheel rotation, drive the vehicle forward.

 ebike geared hub motor

Advantages and disadvantages of ebike geared hub motor: omit a lot of transmission parts, make the vehicle structure more simple, and divided into gear and gearless ebike geared hub motor. The disadvantage is that the balance degree before and after the movement is slightly worse, and it is easy to rust from the central axis and the end cover edge, resulting in too much rust resistance of magnetic steel, and the uneven speed increase makes the magnetic steel easily broken, coil burning, hall burning, which are the reasons for high temperature caused by the long time operation of electricity.

Hub when running for an hour, the motor heat dissipation is poor, especially electricity. Long time continuous operation, easy to heat. Lead to magnetic steel demagnetization, demagnetization after the electric car is more expensive, the battery current will drop faster, resulting in the electric car cost not far, the motor has a life of 6~7 years. Therefore, it is easy for manufacturers to configure ebike geared hub motor for electric two-wheeled vehicles, which is environmentally friendly and affordable, and the cost of maintenance will be low. Ampere and volt, it is recommended that you choose ebike geared hub motor better electricity saving. At the same time, under the condition of relative ampere and volt, it is necessary to choose high quality high-power connectors for efficient and safe driving of electric vehicles.



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